Chasing the clouds


pattiemallette: In Japan and JB just randomly decided to show up at an orphanage and surprise some kids. #SoProud

// Harry with fans at the Kings game in LA. (4/22) //

WWA tour is going to be painful because → Harry in particular was awful. 

Harry at the Los Angeles Kings Game - 22 April


But Justin’s gotten so much healthier. He’s gained weight, his shoulders and chest have broadened, he grew proper muscles, he has cheeks you wanna pinch to death, he doesn’t have bags under his eyes anymore but most of all he’s happy. I can’t ask for anything else


Most Charitable Celebrities of 2013:

"Coming in at Number Two in the rankings, One Direction got props for raising more than $3 million through their single for the British charity Comic Relief, as well as raising more than $800,000 for cancer research."

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